The Original Recyclers.

Heritage Restoration

Price:       475

A small coffee table with a mahogany top. Recently refinished.

Coffee Table

Price:       425

A large coffee table with cherry top. Recently refinished

Coffee Table

Price:       2500

A large drop-leaf table with mahogany top. Spreads to accommodate 5 leafs. Recently refinished.

Drop Leaf Table

Price:       50 (as is)  700(refinished)

Old table with 2 leafs.


Items For Sale

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Price:       100 (as is)  285(refinished)

Small end table with cherry top.

End Table

Price:       100 (as is)  385(refinished)

Large coffee table with cherry top.

Coffee Table

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Price:       750(as is)  1300(refinished)

Round table with quarter sawn oak top. No leafs.

Oak Table

Price:                                              50 (as is)

 additional 75 for a new seat

Small chair with woven seat.

Small Chair